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Shavers that are no longer supported with parts (click for details)

The shaver models listed below are no longer supported with parts. If you want to replace your old shaver, Click Here to see our listings of New shavers. For a lower priced alternative, Click Here to see our listings of Factory Refurbished shavers.

Braun Shavers no longer supported:

Micron series 505, 808, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2014, 2015, 2020, 2050, 2101, 2111, 2113, 2115, 2500, 2501, 2505, 2514, 2515, 2520, 2530, 3008, 3009, 3010, 3011, 3012, 3020, 3025, 5563, 5410, 5419, 5420, 5422, 5423, 5424, 5428, 5469, 5470, 5523, 5556, 5615

Norelco shavers no longer supported:

HP1118, HP1119F, HP1121, HP1131, HP1132, HP1135, HP1141,HP1308, HP1311, HP1312, HP1316, HP1320, HP1615, HP1622, 650TX, 550TL, 105DB, 110DB, 201DB, 282XL, 242LC

Remington shavers no longer supported

Intercept series SP-282, SP-280, M-2810, M-2820, M-2821, M-2822, M-2825, M-2830, M-8221, RS-6963, RS-6943, RS-6930, RS-6720, RS-6721, RS-7830

Original Microscreen SP-40, SP-42, XLR-300, XLR-700, XL-710, XLR-800, XLR-810, XLR-900, XLR-920, XLR-930, XLR-1000, XLR-2000, XLR-3000, L-8, and L-9, 6MF1, 9BF2, 6MF1, 8MF1, 5MF1, and Lektro Models

Bump control models SP-33, ES-1000

Women's shavers SP-20, SP-115, SP-118, SP-121, WDF-1000, WDF-1100, WDF-1500, WDF-1500c, WDF-3000, and WDF-5000, WDF-5000c, WRR-6000, WRR-8000,

6M2L-1, 6B2L, 58F1,

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