About Us

We have been in business specializing in Braun, Norelco, and Remington shavers and parts for over 20 years with hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers.   A few quick points to help you decide if you want to purchase from us:

1)  We only stock Genuine Braun, Norelco, and Remington Products.  The market is flooded with cheap knockoff product that is usually thrown away after 1 painful shave. We refuse to carry that junk as we want long term repeat happy customers.  If you see an "unbelievable" price on Amazon, Ebay, etc. for an item we sell, odds are that item is not genuine.   

2)  Our aim is to always treat the customer right.  We want long term repeat customers.  Our 30 day no questions return policy allows you to buy with confidence. 

3)  Our RMA process is designed to help resolve issues, not block you from returns.  We have detailed questions on the form to see if we can identify the issue for you and get you on your way or arrange for a return/exchange if needed.   RMA FORM 

4)  If we don't have the part, we will do our best to direct you to a source if the item is still available.   In most cases if we don't stock it the part is no longer available on the market.

5)  We handle all of our customer support via email.  This allows us to quickly respond with detailed information to help our customers.  Contact Us