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    Home > Braun Shaver Replacement Parts > Braun Shaver Foils and Cutter Blades Replacement Parts > Braun 9000 (70S) Pulsonic Replacement foil and cutter Blades For all Braun Pulsonic and Series 7 shavers

    Braun 9000 (70S) Pulsonic Replacement foil and cutter Blades For all Braun Pulsonic and Series 7 shavers

    Braun 9000 (70S) Pulsonic Replacement foil and Cutter Blades For all Braun Pulsonic and Series 7 shavers.  Fits the following models:  Braun 710S, Braun 710S-3, Braun 720,  Braun 720-3, Braun 720S, Braun Braun 720S-3, Braun 720S-4, Braun 720S-5, Braun 730, Braun 730S-3, Braun 730S-4, Braun 735S, Braun 735S-3, Braun 735S-4, Braun 750CC, Braun 750CC-3, Braun 750CC-4, Braun 750CC-5, Braun 760, Braun 760CC, Braun 760CC-3, Braun 760CC-4, Braun 760CC-5, Braun 765CC, Braun 765CC-3, Braun 765CC-4, Braun 765CC-5, Braun 790, Braun 790CC, Braun 790cc-3, Braun 790cc-4, Braun 790CC-5, Braun 795CC, Braun 795cc-3, Braun 9565, Braun 9566, Braun 9585, Braun 9595, Braun 9781, Braun 9782, Braun 9785, Braun 9591, Braun 9791, Braun 9795, Braun Type 5671, Braun Type 5672, Braun Type 5673, Braun Type 5674, Braun Type 5675, Braun Type 5692, Braun Type 5693, Braun Type 5694, Braun Type 5695, Braun Type 5696

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    Braun 9000
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    A new Braun 9000 Pulsonic Series 7 shaver foil and cutter blade (also called a Braun 70S) will make your Braun Series 7 razor shave like new! Braun recommends replacing the Series 7 shaver cutter blade and foil every 12 to 18 months to keep you looking good and feeling comfortable.

    This Braun 9000 Pulsonic replacement foil and cutter blade fits the following Braun Pulsonic and Braun Series 7 Razor models only: 710S, 710S-3, 720, 720-3, 720S, 720S-3, 720S-4, 720S-5, 730, 730S-3, 730S-4, 735S, 735S-3, 735S-4, 750CC, 750CC-3, 750CC-4, 750CC-5, 760, 760CC, 760CC-3, 760CC-4, 760CC-5, 765CC, 765CC-3, 765CC-4, 765CC-5, 790, 790CC, 790cc-3, 790cc-4, 790CC-5, 795CC, 795cc-3, 9565, 9566, 9585, 9595, 9781, 9782, 9785, 9591, 9791, 9795 Braun Type 5671, 5672, 5673, 5674, 5675, 5692, 5693, 5694, 5695, 5696 .

    Braun Part number 70S or 65671768 for all Braun Series 7 and Pulsonic shavers.

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