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Home > Braun Shaver Replacement Parts > Braun Shaver Parts by Braun Shaver Series/Model Number > Braun Series 3 and S3 Shaver Parts > Braun S3 Shaver Replacement Parts Type 5413, 5414, 5415, 5416 > Braun Series 3 Shaver Replacement slide up trimmer and spring

Braun Series 3 Shaver Replacement slide up trimmer and spring

Braun Series 3 Shaver Replacement slide up trimmer and spring

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If you are mechanically inclined, you can replace a damaged or missing trimmer and spring on your New Style Series 3 Shaver with this replacement trimmer and spring. To see how to replace the trimmer on your new style series 3 shaver, please watch the video below:

This Trimmer fits the "New Style" Series 3 Shavers as shown at the top of this page:

"New Style" S3 Braun Series 3 Shaver Model Numbers
320, 320s, 320s-1, 320s-2, 320s-3, 320s-4
330, 330s, 330s-1, 330s-2, 330s-3, 330s-4
340, 340s, 340s-1, 340s-2, 340s-3, 340s-4
345, 345s, 345s-1, 345s-2, 345s-3, 345s-4
350, 350cc, 350cc-1, 350cc-2, 350cc-3, 350cc-4
360, 360s, 360s-1, 360s-2, 360s-3, 360s-4
370, 370cc, 370cc-1, 370cc-2, 370cc-3, 370cc-4
380, 380s, 380s-1, 380s-2, 380s-3, 380s-4
390, 390cc, 390cc-1, 390cc-2, 390cc-3, 390cc-4
395, 395cc, 395cc-1, 395cc-2, 395cc-3, 395cc-4
3010, 3010s, 3020, 3020s, 3030, 3030s, 3040, 3040s, 3045, 3045s, 3050, 3050cc, 3070, 3070cc 3080, 3080s, 3080cc, 3090, 3090cc

Braun "New Style" Series 3 Shaver Type Numbers
5411, 5412, 5413, 5414
5772, 5773, 5774, 5774, 5775, 5776, 5779

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