Braun S6 SensoFlex Series 6 Shaver Parts Type 5762

braun-series-6-shaver.jpgBraun SensoFlex Type Number

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 S6 SensoFlex Model Numbers

fit the following Braun S6 SensoFlex Shavers Only:
6010, 6011, 6012, 6020, 6040, 6045, 6072, 6075, 6090 
60-B1000s, 60-B1200s, 60-B1500s, 60-B4200cs, 60-B4500cs, 60-B7200cc, 60-B7500cc 
60-N1000s, 60-N1200s, 60-N4200cs, 60-N4320cs, 60-N4500cs, 60-N4820cs, 60-N7000cc 
60-R1000s, 60-R1200s, 60-R1320s
61-B1000S, 61-B1200s, 61-B1500s, 61-B4200cs, 61-B4500cs, 61-B7200cc, 61-B7500cc 
61-N1000s, 61-N1200s, 61-N4200cs, 61-N4320cs, 61-N4500cs, 61-N4820cs, 61-N4862cs 
61-N7000cc, 61-N7200cc, 61-N7500cc, 61-N7650cc 
61-R1000s, 61-R1200s, 61-R4650cs 
Braun Type Number