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Home > Remington Shaver Replacement Parts > Remington Rotary Shavers Replacement Foils and Blades > Remington Shaver SP-R Replacement foils and cutters (Replaces SP-3141 and SP-5161) Click here for full list of compatible shavers

Remington Shaver SP-R Replacement foils and cutters (Replaces SP-3141 and SP-5161) Click here for full list of compatible shavers

Remington SP-R  Replacement foils and cutters (Replaces SP-3141 and SP-5161)

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    Fits the Following Remington Rotary Shaver Models Only:
    R-2, R-3, R-405, R-3130, R-3130NB, R-3150, R-4, R-4100, R-4110, R-4130, R-4130NBG, R-4135, R-4135XLP, R-4150, R-4155, R-5, R5130, R5130NB, R5130XP, R5150, R5150XLP, R-6, R-6130, R-6130Xp, R-6150, R-6150XLP, R-7, R-7130, R-7130CDNNB, R-7130NB, R-7150, R-8 & R-8150.

    Keep your Remington shaver working at its best by replacing the foils and cutters every six months. This Remington SP-R service pack includes both the foils, blades, and the plastic head that holds the foils and cutters. Restore your Remington Shaver to peak performance with this 360� Pivot & Flex Replacement Head. Featuring all the technological advancements of our shavers, the replacement has full floating heads, dual-track cutters and long-lasting, titanium-coated blades which combine to improve glide across your skin and create an exceptionally close shave. The one-piece, click-in design makes replacing the razor head a snap. Thanks to the clever open design, debris falls away from cutters and makes for easier razor cleaning R2, R405, R 3130, R 3150, R 3130NB, R 4100, R 4110, R 4130, R 4130NBG, R 4135, R 4135XLP, R 4150, R 4155, R 5130, R 5130NB, R 5130XP, R 5150, R 6130, R 6130XP, R 6150, R 7130, R 7130CDNNB, R 7130NB, R 7150, R 8150, R3130, R3130NB, R3150, R4100, R4110, R4130, R4130NBG, R4135, R4135XLP, R4150, R4155, R-5130, R-5130NB, R-5130XP, R-5150, R-5150XLP R-6, R6130, R6130XP, R6150, R6150XLP, R7130, R7130CDNNB, R7130NB, R7150, R8150, RS130, R-S130, RS-130, S130, SPR, SP R, SP-R, SP 3141, SP 5161, SP3141, SP5161, R3, R4, R5, R6, R7, R8
    NOTE:The Remington SP-R Replaces the SP-3141 and SP-5161 which have both been discontinued and are no longer available.

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